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Tips For Cleaning Tarnished Silver Jewlery

Silver jewelry can be a huge compliment of your personality and wardrobe, especially when the silver jewelry is brand new. While silver jewelry is a nice way to compliment your wardrobe, it’s shine appeal only last a certain period of time as the older the jewelry becomes the more tarnished and dual it becomes. Therefore, cleaning your jewelry is a necessity if you want it to keep it’s shine.

How to clean sliver jewelry

The first step is to find a reputable silver jewelry cleaning agent. While their are plenty of sliver jewelry cleaning agents on the market, it’s is recommended to go with a silver jewelry product that’s has a consistent track recommend and positive reviews. You can find a good cleaning agent at amazon or at a local hardware store that sales jewelry cleaning agents.

Their are other solutions such as baking soda or dish detergent and water that may help your silver jewelry obtain it’s shine back. Also toothpaste and water is another way that many people clean their silver jewelry. Toothpaste is a more stronger solution but it can be a bit abrasive, so I wouldn’t recommended using toothpaste often, and perhaps just sticking to a less abrasive solution such as baking soda would be more appropriate.

An additional way would be to use Windex. Windex is a great way to clean your silver jewelry if your jewelry doesn’t have any gems. While their are a ton of ways to clean your silver jewelry, one of the best ways is to keep your jewelry covered in a bag protecting it from oxygen and moisture, as this moisture can cause your jewelry to tarnish.

If your jewelry is tarnished and your not happy with it anymore, you can sell your jewelry to a cash for silver company instead of throwing it away.

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