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Tips on How to Sell Silverware for Cash

In some weddings and anniversaries silverware is a common gift. As time passes, the value of silverware becomes higher. Silverware can be a source of income. It can help you to increase your money at less effort. Do you want to sell silverware but you do not know how? These are some steps you should know before selling your silverware’s.

Gather all your unwanted silverware in one place. Try to check if there are items of full sets, by two’s or just one item. Look if it is stainless, silver plate and sterling silverware (925 sign) that means 92.5 % pure silver. Use magnifying glass to check in the back of your item where it was made or if there’s any trademark indicated. Search for this trademark and item so that you may know the value of each one. This will be a great benefit to sell it at higher prices.

You can sell sterling silverware in auction houses. You’re fortunate if two people recognized your item and they both bid. However, choose only items with higher value to avoid low bidding. When selling on eBay, categorize it as antique silver. Take pictures of your item to make it presentable to buyers. Remember to polish your silverware when selling on eBay but do not clean it when going to auctions.

Take note that larger items cost more money to deliver and send. Another way is to sell it to antique dealers. They bid lower than auctions, but it requires faster selling. It is better if you have more knowledge on what you are selling to avoid low pricing of your items. Be careful because some collectors know if it is really an antique one. So research on the Internet about your silverware you want to sell. Otherwise, you’ll end up having low income.

To sell silverware is fun and less effort. The older the item, the higher the value is having. So do not throw your unwanted silverware. It has a value and can be a source of income. Knowledge on what you are selling is very important. Be friendly and show your buyers that you really know what you are talking about. If they have some questions regarding your silverware, you can answer them confidently. Start collecting your old silverware. It can be jewelries, cups, utensils, or anything that is silver. Do some of these steps to earn money with little effort.