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More Tips on Selling Silver

gold buyers pic 4 300x200 More Tips on Selling SilverJewelry of different kinds is a good type of investment. Although much attention has centered on gold throughout the years because of its high resale value, selling silver also proves to be a relatively profitable affair, with many beautiful and elegant accessories being actually made of silver.

Selling silver is actually quite easy; you can sell it to your friends since silver looks good on any type of outfit. You may also choose to sell it to pawn shops, jewelers, coin dealers and online stores.

Consider the Following Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Silver:

1. Know what you’re selling. Most people who sell silver make the mistake of not knowing what their silver is worth. For starters, remember that you can’t expect silver-plated accessories to sell; silver that matters includes sterling silver, silver coins, pre-1965 dollars as well as silver bullion bars.

2. Weigh it! You need to know much silver you’re actually selling. It’s not just about the number of pieces you will be selling, it is also definitely about how much they weigh. Measure them in grams to get a better idea of what they’re worth.

3. Ensure that your silver pieces are in good condition. How your jewelry looks like matters a lot in setting its price and negotiating for a higher one at that. Make sure your jewelry is clean and neat, looking presentable and well taken care of. You might also use some silver solutions to help enhance the way it looks.

4. Research market prices. Selling silver entails finding the best place to sell silver at. You can get reasonable statistics from the internet by weighing your silver pieces and multiplying it to the spot price designated for the day. You can find this figure online and if the price being offered to you is 60 or 75% of the spot price, then you know that the offer is fair enough.

5. Get quotes. Do not stop at the first person who offers a good price for your silver. You never know when a better offer is coming so keep getting quotes until you can settle for the best price.

Selling silver is not difficult to do. There are a lot of people who are on a continuous lookout for beautiful silver jewelry, coins and other collections. Remember to take your time, do your research and prepare yourself and your jewelry well before embarking on this endeavor. And since silver never really goes out of fashion, you might want to consider upgrading your silver collection with more beautiful and valuable pieces when you get the chance.

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